Get Enterprise List


  • This API is used to get the list of enterprises under the agent;


Data Dimension Authorization Agent-level Authorization This API requires agent-level authorization. You need an authorization account with agent-level authorization to call this API. Please refer to Authorization Methods.
Interface Dimension Authorization Default Authorization This API is granted by default, so you don't need to apply for interface dimension authorization separately for your authorization account. Please refer to Authorization Methods.


Request Entry Point

HTTP URL Path /v1/corp/agency_corp_list
Parameter Type Required Description
Authorization string Yes
  • Access token
  • Format: Bearer access_token
  • Example: Bearer T.WcnhSdYj-kwVBpP27LRQrw.OBt95zE4TH-OPzIX6OkEWPo4rbR6s.ori-67facfd90b2744220a5eae850e51
  • Please refer to: Authentication Methods
Parameter Type Required Description
ov_agencyid string Yes Agency ID
ov_corpid string No Enterprise ID. If this parameter is passed, only the corresponding enterprise will be returned. Use a comma to separate multiple enterprise IDs.
page int No Pagination parameter. Current page number, starting from 1, default is 1.
page_rows int No Pagination parameter. Number of data rows per page, default is 2000.
# Please replace the entry point with yours according to your region
curl --location 'https://global-openapi.orionstar.com/v1/corp/agency_corp_list?ov_agencyid=test_ov_agencyid' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR-ACCESS-TOKEN'


Parameter Type Description
code int Error code. 0 means success, non-zero means failure, Please refer to Error Codes.
msg string Error description. When there is a failure, a specific error description will be provided.
req_id string Log tracking ID. When encountering problems that require assistance from OrionStar, please provide this tracking ID value.
data object Business data object, see below for details Response Body Data Object.
Parameter Type Description
total_count string Pagination parameter. Total number of data rows.
corp_list array Array of enterprise information, where each element is a corp enterprise information object. Please refer to corp - Enterprise Information Object for details.
Parameter Type Description
ov_corpid string Enterprise ID
corp_name string Enterprise name
create_time string Creation time, integer timestamp in seconds.
update_time string Last modification time, integer timestamp in seconds.
    "code": 0,
    "msg": "",
    "data": {
        "total_count": "10",
        "corp_list": [
                "ov_corpid": "orion.ovs.entprise.12345678",
                "corp_name": "Test Enterprise",
                "create_time": "1711966681",
                "update_time": "1711966681"
            // ... Omitted information about other 9 enterprise objects
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