Error Codes

Error Code Error Message Description
101002 appid invalid The appid parameter is not correctly passed.
secret invalid The secret parameter is not correctly passed.
grant_type invalid The grant_type parameter is not correctly passed.
access args invalid The access_token is not correctly passed.

appid or secret invalid a
appid or secret invalid b

The appid or secret parameter is not correctly passed.
deny, appid invalid for set set_secret The value of the appid parameter passed does not match the access_token passed, possibly because the access_token passed was obtained using another appid.
deny, access_token format b invalid The value of the access_token passed is incorrect.
deny, acl deny for class and method The invoked API is not authorized. Please contact OrionStar's pre-sales technical support for authorization.

deny, appid agency deny E02
deny, appid corp deny E03
deny, appid corp not exists E04
deny, appid corp agency deny E05
deny, appid corp not exists E06
deny, appid corp agency deny E07
deny, appid agency deny E08

The enterprise id or reseller id parameter passed is incorrect or unauthorized. Please check if the passed parameters are correct first. If you need to apply for enterprise or reseller authorization, please contact OrionStar's pre-sales technical support.
101025 client ip deny Your external IP address is not within the allowed range. Please contact OrionStar pre-sales technical support to apply for IP whitelist. The IP address in the error message (example IP address is is the external IP address of your server obtained by OrionStar.
101024 access_token expire The access_token has expired. The validity period of the access_token is generally 2 hours. Please reacquire the access_token when it expires.
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